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Why metadata is important to you?

Your hidden marketing engine

Metadata is simply data about data. Data sounds like an insufferably dry topic; but it can be plenty helpful. Whether you are a photographer or an e-commerce marketer, Metadata is important.

Andreas Kleiberg, a photographer based in Norway, experienced the importance of saving his copyright and contact information of his images in the metadata as he uploaded them to the Internet. When the ad agency McCann in London were setting up mood boards for their next campaign for British motorcycle manufacturers Triumph, they found a lot images online to define just the right look. But as for many images found online via search engines, the agency did not know where the images came from.

Fortunately, Andreas had saved his personal contact and copyright information in the metadata making it easy for the agency to find the originator of his photos, and thus they found the photographer for their next campaign.

Metadata is also key when it comes e-commerce, as it is a big part of what drives search engine optimization. Without metadata, we weaken our ability to drive consumers from search engines to our websites to purchase products or look at services. 

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