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Video Marketing – Is It Really That Hard?

Image from Sennheiser commercial. With a small clip-on microphone, you can record good quality audio directly on your phone.

Image from Sennheiser commercial. With a small clip-on microphone, you can record good quality audio directly on your phone. – 


Video marketing is no longer just reserved for big professional productions with huge budgets. In recent years, the video format has changed significantly and at the same time has become a central part of the digital marketing strategy, if you want to be sure to reach your customers. Fortunately, video has become so easily accessible so anyone can use it. Video content can be produced relatively low-budget with short production time, and subsequently used on all platforms with great effect. 

This article can give you some ideas and tips for getting started with video production as video continues to become the internet’s largest traffic driver in the future. Learn about the different video formats to choose from and how easy it is to get started.

Which video format should I choose?

Video Production can be done in many different ways and made with several different budget sizes. The authentic low-budget home-made video is suitable for short-lived products in companies where the product range changes frequently, tutorials of your product, vox pop surveys from the street, customer testimonials, etc. And even though the production is made at a low cost, the authenticity value can be very high.

The professionally produced videos with greater budget and production time make sense to produce for longevity products or branding videos that evocatively tell the story of your business. Here it will make sense to book a professional production team for the job. And while that may sound expensive, it doesn’t have to blow the budget to get experts in the field. The cost of professional video production has decreased as the technology has improved and thus it has become much easier to produce high-quality video.

If you choose to go with the budget model and take care of the production yourself, it is important to have a well thought out plan from the start, so you will save time and effort on the very day of filming. Find out what you would like to communicate with your video and what audience you are targeting. Prepare your production with a storyboard

 Storyboards are important when planning your video.

Storyboards are important when planning your video.

A storyboard contains outlined camera angles, written speak/cues and a set time frame for the length of the video. A good basic rule is that your message in the video must be delivered in a short and precise manner. As long as the content is relevant to the viewer, you can easily get away with a more low-budget production!

You also need to decide which platforms the video should appear on and how many versions it should be adapted for and cropped in so that the video can subsequently be used on all your marketing channels such as your website, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Below you will find several topics to focus on when you get started.

Center your video around the story and not the sales

A good rule of thumb is that the same rules that apply to marketing material on text also apply to video. Concentrate on the value you create for the customer and not the value the customer creates for you. Make sure to play on the emotions a video can add to your story with sounds and visual effects so that you communicate to the recipient’s wants and needs. In addition to the message, the staging and expression in the video also help to characterize your brand and build trust.

You have to be a little creative. If the desire is to communicate in a more personal way, the video format is obvious to implement in the marketing strategy. For example, the eye clinic EuroEyes, a company that specializes in eye surgery, has filmed their very factual and textual FAQ / ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for 42 small video clips. In addition to being available on the website, they are also used on their other channels and social media as an active part of the marketing strategy. We have now succeeded in spreading the ‘dry’ messages to a larger target group in a personal and trustworthy manner.

This is just one of the countless possibilities where video can be used in your communication and you can see the example on EuroEyes’ FAQ here.

Video improves sale conversions

Another obvious use of the video format is for short product presentations that enhance the buying process. When you as a customer do not get the information you are looking for by looking at a product image, a video is far more inspiring and clarifies the doubts you could have before pressing ‘Buy’. The clothing industry is a great example of how short catwalk films help sell the product. It helps the customer to assess the fit, material, and details of the clothing, thereby also minimizing error purchases and decrease returns. So if you still have all the photo equipment upfront with models and clothes on the set, why not also shoot similar mini cat-walk movies to load the site and increase your sales.

Focusing on video in your marketing can help increase your sales.

Focusing on video in your marketing can help increase your sales.


Provide excitement from the start

Unfortunately, the statistics say that a 20% of the recipients will click away from a video after the first 10 seconds if they are not captured by the content. Therefore, you need to keep the video short and accurate. A good solution could be to get to the heart of the story and make sure that expectations are matched within the first 5-10 seconds. Therefore, the video must be captivating and create curiosity about your story from the beginning if you want to make sure the recipient watches the entire video and gets the full message.

And if you are interested in obtaining a direct lead, it is obvious to add a link that causes the recipient to respond and act (call to action) so that you can subsequently analyze the traffic and track the effectiveness of your video.

Use humor in your video

According to Cisco’s Social Media Manager Tim Washer, don’t be afraid to use a little humor to communicate the messages. “Usually people are a little nervous about using humor in the business world and don’t think it belongs. But if it helps explain difficult messages, why not try to see if you can make it work.”

When humor is used to entertain the viewer, it often makes them more engaged with the content. And if you hit the right spot, you may be lucky to see your video spread virally. So one of the things you can take with you here is that sometimes you have to break the mold in terms of how competitors use the medium and dare to stand out and take a chance.

Teach with video

The most effective way to acquire new knowledge is through visual learning. Therefore, the video format is one of the best ways to teach your customers. Think about how easily you can teach your customers how to use your product or service through video.

Or use video to spread the joy of your satisfied customers through testimonials that focus on the customer and their story, and strengthen credibility around your brand.

Video becomes the internet’s largest traffic driver

According to a study by Cisco (2019), the future indicates that over 80 percent of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. So there are really good reasons to venture out into video production if you want to make sure you find it in the search engines in the future. Because once the video is on your website, it will also appear in the recipient’s search results, thereby driving traffic to your website.

85% of those who watch video on Facebook watch the video without audio. So, remember subtitles

85% of those who watch video on Facebook watch the video without audio. So, remember subtitles

Remember that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. However, it requires optimizing your video by adding descriptions and keywords when posting on YouTube and other sites. Then you ensure that the search engines can find out what the video is about and categorize it correctly, and then the video will be found by your customers. If you use YouTube to show your videos, YouTube has their own tool for capturing videos so you can easily do it yourself. View Google’s guide here

If you are not yet convinced that video marketing is worth investing in, then here you are having a few stats to be convinced;


  • 200-300% improvement of your click-through rate can be obtained by the use of use of video in email marketing.


  • 90% of consumers say product videos help them make purchasing decisions


  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service online after watching a video about it


  • 33% of the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos


  • 59% of business decision-makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post


  • 85% of those who watch video on Facebook watch the video without audio, is that important? Yes, you should add subtitles to all your videos.