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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Training

In the coming years, Vietnam faces profound challenges in terms of its society, its climate and its economy. The population of Vietnam has exploded to near 100 million people in recent years and is projected to increase and there remain major issues of poverty and income disparity that still need to be overcome. In terms of the environment, there are serious issues with regard to climate change, rising sea levels and their potential effect on the low lying, and most heavily populated, areas of Vietnam as well as serious problems with air, land and river pollution

 With the help of Peter Cameron, a corporate communications consultant from the UK, we have developed a program of short talks that provides a basic introduction on what Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility means and why it is important to both Vietnam and The Color Club’s futures.

The talks have provided our staff with an overview of the main social, economic and environmental risks that threaten the planet, why Corporate Responsibility is of such vital importance to business and the relevance and application of best practice within the media industries.

The talks are an integral part of of training at TCC.