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Why is visual communication essential to business?

We see visuals everywhere in marketing such as images, videos, infographic, presentation or even typography. Thinking a brand as a person, using visuals helps your brand stand out, communicate more efficiently and be memorable to the right target audiences.

When a customer visits your website, the color theme you choose, the font and size of the text and how you design, can evoke a lot of feelings and perceptions about your brand . Is your brand professional, playful, creative or authoritative? -And does your brand match with what they are looking for? Through well-thought-out visuals, customers will find the answer immediately.

For clients to recognize the brand easily, the visual style should be used consistently on marketing touch points such as: websites, brochures, catalogs, packaging, marketing content and other visual materials.

Check out some examples of good visual communication:

  1. Oreo

Oreo is popular when introducing the typical twist, lick and dunk ritual used by American consumers to enjoy their Oreos. They have used a lot of video ads and images to promote the way of eating these cookies.

Images credits: Oreo Instagram

Besides, Oreo encourages customers to try Oreo for different purposes such as making a cake with it. And they use ads and visuals to intrigue the joy of tasting these products.

Images credits: Oreo Instagram

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks is a brand with many personal traits, they express themselves as outgoing, youthful, friendly brand and they utilized a lot of visuals (especially on Instagram) to show these personalities and connect with clients. When customers look at their Instagram account, they can see these consistent messages.

Credits: Starbucks instagram

They are constantly showing their products, however they manage to do it in the unique way that truly expresses their values and evokes customer’s interests.

Image Credits: Starbucks instagram

If you are looking for visuals  communication inspiration, check it out

If you are looking for consult to help your company to have better visual communication. Feel free to contact us, we always have delicious coffee in our office!


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