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09 Nov Why is visual communication essential to business?

  We see visuals everywhere in marketing such as images, videos, infographic, presentation or even typography. Thinking a brand as a person, using visuals helps your brand stand out, communicate more efficiently and be memorable to the right target audiences. When a customer visits your website, the color theme you choose, the font and size of the text and how you design, can evoke a lot of feelings and perceptions about your brand . Is your...

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07 Mar Correct colors improve sales

Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Explorer, Mozillas Firefox, and Apple´s Safari dominate the browser market on both desktops and mobile devices. However, apparently they can not agree on how to implement image color management with or without the use of ICC of profiles. Officially they all agree on the W3C standards, but in reality they implement it differently....

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07 Mar 5 Best cloud storage services for personal use

We have compared 5 of the most popular cloud storage services for personal use to see which one fits you the best. The first aspect that we usually choose a storage is the amount of free space. However, most solutions will include a degree of free storage but if you backup photos and media, this can run out quickly. Aside from amount of storage space, we have to look at which operating systems are supported,...

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