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Graphic design

Our team of graphic designers and art workers have an excellent knowledge of taking design ideas through to print ready standards. Whether it be adaptations of existing artwork, typesetting documents from templates or executing a consistent design across a wide range of collateral items, we will always nurture the design work in close collaboration with our clients.

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Digital imaging

Images are very powerful communication tools but it is the attention to detail and craft the makes a good image a powerful image. Often it is all the things you do not notice that pushes an image to a level that captivates an audience. Our DI team are like doctors, they diagnose, treat , recreate and enhance images with a truly infinite amount of possibilities. What we love is collaborating and working out the best solution for each job.

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Being able to visualize a reality that does not exist is a powerful tool when it comes to selling. It is time to reconsider how visuals can be created. CGI/3D offers an opportunity to significantly reduce production costs while creating previously impossible visuals, add sound and camera movements to this and things start to get interesting. We have a range of clients from property development companies and interior designers to advertising agencies.

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Motion graphics

We concentrate on exceptional design and animation for multiple platforms in the area of motion graphics, animation and TV-on-air design for clients in advertising, marketing, broadcast, fashion and entertainment. Our service includes character modeling, rigging and animation, on-air branding, corporate presentations, TV-branding, TV-commercials, post-production and visual effects.

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Digital solutions

Every business should have a life beyond print. The possibilities available for online communications are tantalizing with increased levels of accessibility, connectivity and data analysis. You no longer have to be an expert to self-manage, monitor and update content for online audiences. We want to make it easy for our clients to communicate successfully and remain competitive online.

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We use a revolutionary web based concept whereby clients can “adapt and expand” their workflow without being limited by fixed systems. Our system offers various necessary functions for production processes, marketing departments, advertising agencies. These functions can be reconfigured or adjusted whenever necessary. Our workflow system offers 100% web-based real-time monitoring, automatic notifications and many other functions.

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