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An affordable composition

Achieving the ultimate composition in an affordable way. Today’s competitive imaging market requires compositing in all aspects of advertising photography. The cost of shipping a car to Africa for a photo-shoot in the dessert makes no sense if the image can be created in a studio and then composited with the location afterwards.

Its all in the details

Improving the details to perfection while maintaining the illusion of a lifelike and naturalistic world. Whether it is skin retouching or product enhancing, any detailed appearance is possible; from the super smooth, porcelaneous sensation to the totally natural look that appears to be untouched by human hands.

Match a certain feeling

Creating “the look” to match a certain feeling or a brand identity.
Color grading emphasises the feelings in any image and harmonizes the look across a series of images to match the desired appearance. Color grading is an essential part of fashion photography and brand imaging. In brand imaging, the images must match the brand identity, wherever they originate from.

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