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The Color Club A/S
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The Color Club A/S
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Seeing is believing

Images are our most effective means of communication. We use images every day to transmit all different types of information and our clients use them to increase awareness of their products and services, but to be believed it is essential that the visual information transmitted is perfect; and that is where we come in. At The Color Club we ensure, through our passion expertise and commitment that what the customer sees, by way of products, advertising, packaging or promotions, in print or on-line, is exactly what the customer gets.

At The Color Club we believe in honesty, integrity and building a positive future. If you’re looking to work with us or work for us our beliefs are as follows:


At The Color Club we like people: we love diversity, eccentricity, imagination and intelligence; we need a lot of different people to make our business work. We don’t regard people in terms of fixed stereotypes that ought, or ought not, to fit like square pegs into square holes. What we believe in is passion for the job, commitment and a desire to improve. We believe in people who want to learn, develop and excel, people who want to challenge themselves on a daily basis and do everything that they can to exceed our clients expectations. Most of all we want people who are motivated to make a better future for themselves, the business and the world in general. What we don’t want is mediocrity.


Passion is essential. Our work requires a love of images and a forensic attention to detail, without which our standards cannot be reached. Our work also requires a love of the industry and its various and diverse participants but most important of all, our work requires the desire and drive to deliver projects, time and time again, that exceed what our clients would ordinarily expect.


Mutual respect is fundamental to the way we do business. Clients, employees and all of the people that we come into contact with are treated with the utmost care and attention. We value our reputation and our brand too much to have it any other way.

At The Color Club we believe in creating a better world for all. We take our responsibilities seriously and we believe that actions speak louder than words. We actively engage with organizations seeking to create a sustainable future; we educate and encourage the participation of our staff in initiatives aimed towards preserving our environment and we train and employ the disabled and disadvantaged. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved. If you’d like to find out more 

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In 1993, together with Leif Schiller, Denmark’s leading photographer and leader of Schiller and Co, Martin Moos founded Schiller Digital, an in-house Digital Imaging studio, to serve the requirements of some of Europe’s leading photographers. However, as time went by and its reputation for excellence began to grow, the client list of Schiller Digital expanded rapidly as many leading Advertising Agencies and Publishing groups began to use its services, -the business then became known as one of the best Digital Imaging studios in Europe.

New Name

By 2005, having started out as an in-house Digital Imaging studio, Schiller Digital had evolved into a full service Media Agency. Many international clients were using the business, and in accordance with the times, the nature of the work was changing too. It was therefore time for a re-brand to reflect the changing nature of the business – and on 9th September 2005 Schiller Digital ApS became The Color Club.

New Horizons

In response to globalization and the need to provide increasingly efficient and competitive services, Martin Moos joined forces with Carsten Conradt-Eberlin in 2007 to launch the International expansion of The Color Club. From its base in central Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), The Color Club International provides expert 24/7 services to clients from all over the world.



The Color Blog

With our blog we would like to share with you all facets of this industry including all good tips, practical knowledges or experiences within color management, retouching, project management, marketing, page designing and so on. All of these knowledge reflects our passionate and true experiences with the market that will give you a big answer to how we could gain our step-by-step success that can fullfil the motto: “Seeing is believing.”

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The Color Club is a multicultural organization with the majority of its staff coming from Vietnam, Denmark and Europe. Over the course of our time in Vietnam we have worked hard to create our diverse, integrated and inspiring culture that, in turn, provides us with a happy, hardworking and highly motivated staff that is dedicated to achieving the exceptional standards that our clients expect.

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Diligent, highly motivated people with an eye for details have been the backbone of The Color Club since its establishment. It has been our people that have enabled us to deliver the world-class solutions for which we are internationally famous. In an environment where teamwork is vital and daily challenges are seen as an opportunity to learn and grow, people are the drivers of everything we do.

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Phnom Penh